The service carried out in the QuattroManufaktur GmbH is done according to manufacturer's specifications!

For exampel:

  • Toothed belt renewal
  • Oil change
  • Other fluid change
  • Inspection of the brake system
  • Checking the steering geometry / wheel alignment
  • Engine overhaul
  • Repair - / Purchase advice
  • Vehicle preparation
  • Summer or winter check
  • MFK - / TÜV - Inspection
  • Customs clearance / transfer

It is necessary to make an appointment.
Price according to effort.


Procurement and reproduction of parts that are no longer available are part of our offer.
Quality that meets the highest requirements is a matter of course.

For exampel

  • Sun visors with and without print
  • Reinforcing plates Spring struts
  • various spoilers and add-on parts
  • Carbon and aramid covers
  • Chassis
  • Water cooler
  • etc.


was developed in the deep-sea shipping industry and has proven itself there for decades as rust remover and corrosion protection.
The products are manufactured on a lanolin basis (wool grease) and contain no environmentally harmful solvents!

Due to the excellent properties like

  • Extremely resistant to all weather conditions, including snow and slush and the solution salts used to combat them
  • effective rust remover
  • water-displacing anticorrosive
  • high creep ability, yet good adhesion
  • no evaporation, no hardening, no embrittlement
  • Processing at room temperature
  • easiest handling

FLUID FILM products are recommended for use in the automotive sector.

Recommendation for use

Recommendation for use


Products for rust removal and coating, which are specially adapted to the high requirements of a classic vehicle 

  • Rust and corrosion removal from steel
  • Metal derusting e.g. of tank interior surfaces
  • Derusting of small metal parts
  • Cleaning of engines and car bodies
  • Primer / coating / protective waxes
  • special cleaners